Upcoming Events

Looking for things to do after work or with the family for the Fourth of July?  Look no further, my friends. Get Out Of Work Thursdays:  For those of you near downtown on a Thursday night, you might want to check out Grand Park’s list of things to [...]

5018 Buffalo Ave, Sherman Oaks

If you've been following along with my blog lately, you'd be aware that I recently sat an open house at Buffalo Ave.  But what I wanted to share with you a bit more was about the house itself. Man, what a great home!  Located just down the street [...]

Open House 6/23/13

Come Visit Me! On Sunday June 23rd, from 2-5 PM you can find me at 5018 Buffalo Ave in Sherman Oaks.  I baked lemon zucchini bread by using zucchini squash from my garden.  Taste a little bit of love!

Recipe of the Day: Squash & Prawns Mac

My dear friend Vanessa, a great chef, was kind enough to send me one of her recipes to try. I happen to be allergic to shrimp, but you could also use grilled chicken or ground turkey instead.  One of my favorite foods happens to be mac & cheese, so [...]

Happy Father’s Day

To all the Dad's--past, present, and future!  Everyone has a Dad, even if he may no longer be with you.  However you plan to celebrate: be it a phone call, a barbecue, or a drink in his honor--I hope you enjoy his day! I personally am so lucky [...]

Upcoming Events

Looking for something to do in the area--that's free--in the next few weeks?  Try checking out one of these upcoming events! Pasadena Chalk Festival: Winner of the 2010 Guinness Book of World Records for being of the largest public art event of its kind, Pasadena will host hundreds of [...]

Our First Harvest

I just wanted to share a picture of the first harvest from our garden!  Kris and I wanted to have a vegetable garden, but we really didn't have much yard space to plant a large area.  So, we took the flower beds around the house and a few [...]

Buying Vs Renting

The California Association of Realtors recently released this great infographic based on current buying and renting trends.  So what do you think is right for your family?

A Moveable Feast

Here in Los Angeles, going green is all the rage.  Health isn't just considered a fad: people are eating healthier with various organic diets, utilizing solar panels, and driving their Prius' (Side note: is there a plural for Prius? Priui?).  Even the homeless recycle. So when my dear friend [...]

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