Infographic:  Owning a Home Benefits Your Children

Wow--these are interesting statistics!  I've never heard of them... but they kind of make sense. There's a sense of being a part of a community--of roots--for homeowners.  That would be my guess at least.  Maybe that should be the next infographic...

Syd’s Latest Market Update, Week ending 8/23/13

Rodeo Realty president Syd Leibovitch recently posted his economic update for the past week.  Here's what he had to say: Interest rates rose further this week after the minutes of The Federal Reserve's July meeting were released. In the minutes the Fed, which has discussed drawing down their Treasury [...]

A Little Patch of Dirt

After a full day of running around at the office, all you want to do is get into your bumming around clothes, make a healthy chicken salad for dinner, plop down on the couch and catch up on the Bridezilla (don't judge me...) marathon on the DVR. You finally [...]

Road Trip!

With my family coming to visit this past week--And Hubby's family arriving this coming week--it has made me a tad reminiscent of trips of past. You know, the days where you'd play "the alphabet game" from the back seat between bathroom breaks at the highway pit stops?  My parents [...]

Making Home Affordable

One of the integral components of the Obama's administration to stabilize the country's housing market & improve the national economy is the "Making Home Affordable" program.  This is a multifaceted program designed to help homeowners who might be need help avoiding foreclosure by getting mortgage relief. Some of the [...]

Upcoming Events

Looking for something to do this weekend?  Here's a few ideas that might help. FRI 08/09/13 Sherman Oaks: Head to the Westfield Fashion Square for an outdoor showing of Iron Man.  Who doesn't love Tony Stark?!  'Nuff said. Studio City: Comerica Bank and LAUSD are partnering together Mon Aug 5th [...]

Come Visit Me at 5018 Buffalo Ave today!

The lemon zucchini bread is going into the oven.  Nice and piping hot! Want a bite?

The Wish List: 5 Must Haves of Millennials and GenXers

Buyers from the Gen X and Millennial age are a different breed than their predecessors.  They've grown up with Google and smartphones.  Mortgage calculators are apps on their cell phones.  They can snap a picture and know the worth of the home.  There are more singles--including a large increase [...]

San Fernando Valley Market Report | June 2013

Following up with Syd's update, the latest market analysis has come back from June and the numbers look good.  Check out where your city compares! No big surprise that generally speaking, sales prices are up and the month's supply of inventory are down.  Take a look and see how [...]

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