Here in Los Angeles, going green is all the rage.  Health isn’t just considered a fad: people are eating healthier with various organic diets, utilizing solar panels, and driving their Prius’ (Side note: is there a plural for Prius? Priui?).  Even the homeless recycle. So when my dear friend Linelle posted an article on Facebook about having sustainable potlucks, I must admit that I found myself feeling really inspired.

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The only rule for the meal – according to the article – is to use locally grown in-season foods (pantry items like flour & olive oil are okay.).   In Southern California we’re lucky to have a long growing season that produces a great variety of foods.  There are so many types of fruits and vegetables that we grow in great abundance.  Think of the creative dishes you could make!  Grilled artichokes, stuffed bell peppers, fresh coleslaw!  I mean, how many barbecues will you attend this year that has the same staples? It might be a great opportunity to challenge your family & friends to try something new.

You could even take it one step further… meet a few of your friends at the farmers market to pick up the groceries together!  Or turn it into a progressive dinner, with appetizers at one stop, main course at another, and dessert at a third.  I can just taste how delicious a fresh strawberry pie or blueberry pound cake would be.  Another idea: arrive at the potluck with enough copies of your recipes to exchange with the fellow guests.  Maybe even turn it into a contest and blind vote a winner.

At the end of the day, not only are you having a great time with your friends, but you’re helping the local economy, getting a great nutrient-rich meal, and maybe even learning a new recipe or two.  Sounds like everyone wins all around.

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