Recently the California Association released their latest infographic: First Time Buyers Gain Tractions!  This particular graphic breaks down a profile of who statistically (and generally) first-time buyers are. Consider it like an avatar of the common first-time buyer, and what they’re doing to get to home ownership.

So why is this useful information? Well, statistically first time home buyers make up the largest sector of our market, and as the number increases, it shows the health of our current real estate sector and the economy as a whole. People are feeling confident to buy their first house again – and have the capability to do so, which is great!

Secondly, sellers should be aware who their primary target audience is, and first-time home buyers make up a large prospective buyer pool again. Knowing who your home is likely to be sold to will allow you, the homeowner, the opportunity to have your home optimized so that it shows off it’s best features to it’s biggest buyer pool.

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