Buyers and builders don’t always speak the same language.  But despite the marked differences in semantics, energy efficiency is paramount to consumers

The state of our planet’s climate is a topic of constant discussion among several political and environmental groups.  Global warming is being argued on the daily, but we can’t escape the obvious physical signs that something is happening.  Beyond the physical world changes, we also can’t escape how these changes have an effect on our pocket books.  Homes that have not been brought up to reflect current energy efficiency standards can make for an empty wallet.  Home buyers are now looking to purchase a home has these energy efficient changes.

This infographic shows the breakdowns of what current home buyers find more important in the way of energy efficiency and eco-friendly living.   It is important that we begin to look how we live, work and spend.  By keeping our environment readily in our thought process, we can begin to make changes to better our world.


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