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Waterfalls in and near L.A.?? Who knew?? If you are the adventurous type, or the scenery type, or any type that just loves waterfalls and a nice hike, you have to check out these local gems!

Altadena Eaton Canyon Falls | This one is not very stroller friendly, but a bit fun to get through the rocky trail towards the end! This 40 foot  fall of liquid diamonds is quite popular, so you will never get lonely; but totally worth the 3.4 mile hike!

La Canada Flintridge – Switzer Falls | This easy 3 mile hike takes you along a stream and oak tree lined trail. It is a gorgeous walk to a 50 foot waterfall! While this trail doesn’t lead you exactly to the base of the falls, it gets you close enough to take in its beauty!

Malibu – Escondido Falls | This one prides itself as the tallest waterfall in Santa Monica. Only attempt this hike if you are agile, as it has a guide rope that you must use and some slippery steep inclines. It is totally worth it though! It’s a 150 ft of pure waterfall beauty!

Malibu – Solstice Canyon Falls | This one is a perfect family hike as it is not very difficult to get to. It is a nice 2.1 mile nature walk; however, perfect for bringing the kiddos along. There’s a beautiful 30 foot waterfall, creek, and ruins of an estate that burnt down in the 80’s. Perfect for that Sunday afternoon!

Monrovia – Monrovia Falls | So, this one lacks in length of pretty much everything except beauty! This less than 2 mile trail leads you to a quick 30 foot drop of year round under ground spring water! Don’t let the shortness fool you! It’s a site to be seen!

Sierra MadreSturtevant Falls | For those that prefer to stay out of the sun but still enjoy the outdoors, this one is for you! This mostly shaded hike is 3.5 miles and leads you through rick foliage to a gorgeous flow of water!

Tujunga Trail Canyon Falls | If you are looking for some height, then this hike is for you! This hiking is looking at 700 feet of pure elevation! This not-so-popular hike is great for those that like the quietness of nature. At the end of this 4 mile hike, you will enjoy a nice 30 foot waterfall!

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