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This last November the City of Los Angeles began “Safe Sidewalks LA”, said to be a 30-year sidewalk repair program.  This program will be a City investment of $1.4 billion to repair all of Los Angeles’s broken sidewalks.

This was a unanimous vote by the Los Angeles City Council that was a long running between the Council’s Budget and Finance and Public Works and Gang Reduction Committees. Of course, this was also supported by hundreds of residents from across Los Angeles as well as the Mayor’s Office. This project will be driven by the City’s Bureau of Engineering (BOE), and will work closely with the Department of Disability.

“Safe and restored sidewalks make our neighborhoods more livable and our city more beautiful”, said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “Working with the City Council, we took on a 40-year-old challenge to repair our broken sidewalks. We can now redouble those efforts, and I encourage all Angelenos to take advantage of this historic program. Together we are going to improve access and safety, boost property values and give people across Los Angeles reason to feel good about our public walkways.”

Currently in progress, are the areas around City facilities, such as fire stations, police stations, parks, libraries, and recreation centers. The next phase will include addressing broken sidewalks that are reported by people with disabilities, their families and caretakers. The third phase will include offering a limited number of rebates to property owners who are willing to fix their own sidewalks.

“For decades, the City of Los Angeles lacked a coherent plan to deal with crumbling sidewalks in our neighborhoods,” says Councilmember Paul Krekorian, chair of the City’s Budget and Finance Committee. “That’s all changing with Safe Sidewalks LA, an equitable and sustainable plan to repair every sidewalk in the city that needs it. The plan makes good on the city’s promise to improve our neighborhoods and make walkways safe and accessible to everyone, while also offering a limited rebate to home and business owners who want the freedom to initiate repairs themselves. It’s going to completely renew our sidewalk infrastructure in the years to come.”

“Today we are moving one step closer to efficiently and effectively fixing every sidewalk in L.A.”, said Councilmember Joe Buscaino. “The Sidewalk Rebate program is a limited opportunity for L.A. property owners to accelerate their sidewalk repair by completing the work themselves and receiving a 50% rebate from the City as well as a warranty on the work.”

Gary Lee Moore, City Engineer says “In leading the public-private partnership that is implementing the City’s Sidewalk Repair Program, we are delivering these improvements to the highest standards possible as we work together to make sidewalks accessible to everyone in Los Angeles.”

The programs being offered include:

Access Request Program: People with mobility disability who encounter physical barriers due to broken sidewalks, missing curb ramps or other barriers in the public right of way can request a repair.

Rebate Program: A limited-time rebate for eligible property owners willing to pay for their own sidewalk repairs and get them fixed in an accelerated time. Owners can receive up to $2,000 for a residential lot or $4,000 for a commercial lot. The rebate will be available for 3 years.

To submit a sidewalk repair request and/or for more information on Safe Sidewalks L.A., go to or call 3-1-1.

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