Los Angeles is a massive city, with its reach stretching from Malibu and Santa Monica in the west to Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley in the east down to San Pedro in the south. Undoubtedly, there is an array of places to eat out, something for everyone’s taste. Here we cover the most important and probably the favorite meal of the day, breakfast: where to get the most delicious one in the city and what get as a specialty of the house. Thankfully Los Angeles is always blessed with great weather, so you can start discovering different tastes right away and enjoy amazing sceneries of each part of the city.

Burbank: Tallyrand

Serving 50+ years of hearty breakfasts, roast turkey, burgers & other diner classics plus a full bar, Tallyrand is famous for its Buttermilk Pancakes, Omelette, Cinnamon Roll French Toast and their homemade muffins! Their menu includes a variety of fabulous sandwiches, large salads, seafood, top quality Angus Steaks, delicious juicy burgers and fabulous daily specials such as Fresh Atlantic Salmon, BBQ Pork Ribs, Pot Roast au jus, and more.

Burbank: Bea Bea’s

Bea Bea’s is a classic Burbank spot, situated just off the 134 freeway and truly catering to the surrounding neighborhood. The comfortable destination offers counter seating and a run of tables down the middle, but regardless of your seat, you’re going to want to order up a pile of pancakes. They’re the best for miles, and perfect for an early winter breakfast.

You can find its location here.

East Hollywood: SQIRL

SQIRL is a concept album rather than a breakfast joint. The limited seating, long lines, and ambitious menu don’t sound like hits at first, but one dive into the sorrel pesto rice bowl or avocado toast and you start to understand why every other eater around you bobbing their head, slowly, feeling the groove.

Encino: More than Waffles

More Than Waffles specializes in the authentic Belgian Waffle called, “Gaufre.” They are known for their thickness but have a light and airy texture which still makes them a part of your healthy breakfast choices. They also offer about 19 different waffles to choose from, and of course, you can create your own. Besides waffles, they have mouth-watering sandwiches, salads, pasta, chicken dishes, homemade soups, and hamburgers which include veggie burgers and turkey burgers.

Koreatown: Bonjuk

Koreans love eating rice porridge, or juk, for breakfast, and this hidden Koreatown restaurant along Wilshire Blvd’s main drag has the widest variety in town. The abalone juk is the one to get if it’s your first time but venture into one of the other types, like pumpkin, for something different.

You can find directions here, and part of the menu here.

Los Feliz: Square One Dining

Square One on Fountain is notorious for its long weekend waits. Yes, the food is good enough to deserve it, but there’s also something so charming about sitting causally in that garden patio, under the eye of the Scientology Building, wiling away a few hours over some coffee and high-quality pancakes with friends.

Malibu: Lily’s Cafe & Pastries

A tight morning spot that can feel very ‘locals only’ at times, Lily’s churns out some of the area’s best breakfast burritos and always plays host to at least one group of older chatty men sipping coffee in a corner. The rest of the seating is basically meant to be squeezed in and shared, but you could always order ahead and pick up for a morning meal at the beach nearby.

Mid-Wilshire: Republique

Republique is one of those restaurants that is so much better enjoyed in the day. The airy space that boasts a pastry counter-worthy of the pages of Saveur also offers just about everything you could want on a breakfast menu, from that outstanding example of French toast to poached egg-topped kimchi fried rice.

Pasadena: Russell’s

Russell’s is an all-day bistro classic, working an AM menu through to French-influenced dinnertime fare daily. Pushed right into the heart of Old Pasadena, the place is full of upscale casual charm, and usually, carries a crowd on weekends.

You can find its location here.

Studio City: Aroma Café

This coffee and tea place has been around for more than 20 years in Studio City and it offers relaxing garden patios or you can choose a more intimate escape to a fireplace setting in their reading room.  Except for coffees and teas, Aroma Café is also known for the delicious dishes it offers from their kitchen and fresh pastries from the bakery. There is something for everyone for each day of the week.

Tarzana: CiCi’s Cafe

CiCi’s is a full-service restaurant that specializes in its homemade recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This place is most loved for their creative and original mouth-watering pancakes, French toast, waffles, and crepes. Feeling like salty food? They also serve specialty pasta, salads, burgers and sandwiches.

Venice: Rose Café-Restaurant

Looking for a wide open space to enjoy breakfast in Venice? The Rose is your ideal pick. Try some house-made bread and pastries and then bite into the pork-laden breakfast sandwich.

West Hollywood: Otus Thai Kitchen & Coffee

Those looking to break away from the standard pancakes and bacon morning meal will be happy to find Otus, West Hollywood’s sleek Thai coffee shop with some pretty hard-to-find breakfast fare. Here you are noshing on traditional Thai breakfast dishes like sweet or savory roti, grilled pork, and kai-kata, or Thai-style egg with sweet sausage and baguette.

Have we missed your favorite spot? Hit the comments below and suggest it to your fellow Angelinos.

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