Local Earth Day Events

photo courtesy of Kevin Gill@flickr.com Have you ever just stood there in nature and looked around at our beautiful environment? Birds, trees, flowers, animals, and much much more are our responsibility! We as humans shape this planet and it is up to us to keep it [...]

Spring Gardening Tips for the SFV

After such a wet winter here in the SFV...Spring is going to be amazing! Some of you have a green thumb and are most likely already out in that soil planting your garden away, but...I thought I would help those of us that have a harder time getting our [...]

Local Waterfall Hikes

photo courtesy of dr_zcidberg@flickr.com Waterfalls in and near L.A.?? Who knew?? If you are the adventurous type, or the scenery type, or any type that just loves waterfalls and a nice hike, you have to check out these local gems! Altadena - Eaton Canyon Falls | [...]

Infographic: Beyond Curb Appeal

Having the perfect home interior is the goal of many a homeowner, but what about the outside?  Your home's exterior is the first impression friends, family and neighbors have of your style.  Good landscaping can elevate the overall look and worth of your home, but did you know it [...]

Infographic: What’s In A Name?

Buyers and builders don't always speak the same language.  But despite the marked differences in semantics, energy efficiency is paramount to consumers The state of our planet's climate is a topic of constant discussion among several political and environmental groups.  Global warming is being argued on the daily, [...]

Our Garden 2016

Our garden: if there’s one thing many people who’ve gotten to know us over the years have figured out, it’s that Hubster and I have great pride is our garden.  From changing out our garden beds along our house to vegetables – to creating full on raised vegetable gardens, [...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Irish Bars in the SFV

Needing a cool place to go get your green on around the San Fernando Valley?  Here’s a list of Irish & British pubs to spend St. Patrick’s Day to bring a little luck in your life.  Maybe one of these places will help you find your wee leprechaun inside [...]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been sweeping the nation.  I have been very vocal with making charitable causes a large focus on my business.  I feel that being a member of my community means doing anything I can to help and contribute to the greater needs.  So what [...]

Infographic: Water Crisis

California is amidst a water crisis.  Perhaps you've seen the bus ads about days to water your lawn.  Perhaps you've checked into low flow fixtures.  Many people have begun to ask questions and educate themselves on ways to help reduce their water footprint.  Recently the California Association of REALTORS [...]

Local Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are a win-win.  Not only is it a fantastic way to support local businesses and pump money back into the local economy, but they also are a great opportunity to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables and various other handmade items.  From homeopathic candles to pies and [...]

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