Encino, California

Nestled on the north face of the Santa Monica Mountains is the affluent Los Angeles neighborhood of Encino. Known as the “Bedroom to the Stars”, many a leading man or starlette has called Encino home.  From Ashlee Simpson’s wedding to Pete Wentz to Al Jolson’s honorary mayor status, the city is known to have hosted many moments in entertainment history.  Encino has all the big city wants – stores, parks and entertainment – with all the suburban needs – quiet neighborhoods, a private space and good schools. Encino truly is a bustling little suburb that has the heart of big city.

Neighborhoods of Interest

Amestoy Estates
Encino Village
Encino Woods
Clark Gable Estates
Rancho Estates (The Rancho)
Royal Oaks
Royal Oaks Colony (The Colony)

Lake Balboa, California

Lake Balboa is small, relatively new neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley basin. Less than a decade old, officially, the area has been confused with surrounding neighborhoods regularly.  The relative affordability with the still convenient location and proximity to neighborhoods like Encino and Sherman Oaks makes Lake Balboa a great option – particularly finding a niche with the first time home buyer crowd.  For this reason, it is starting to garner a reputation as a solid up-and-coming piece of suburbia.  The crowning jewel of this area is Lake Balboa Park from which the city took its name.

Sherman Oaks, California

Though only 8 square miles, Sherman Oaks packs a big punch. Unlike the rest of the San Fernando Valley, Sherman Oaks is a heavily urbanized area that is home to small skyscrapers, big business, and great shopping.  But just because it’s structured like a mini “Downtown Los Angeles” doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of quiet neighborhoods to find a home for you and your family.  What better place to lay down your own roots than a neighborhood that offers both a strong retail/restaurant corridor and yet is still full of parks and quiet residential streets?

Studio City California

Studio City – a name that connotates a bustling and gregarious town, visit for more locations near Studio city.  I always imagined the city constantly moving, constantly working with something always a buzz.  And truthfully, it’s not so far off.  Just on the other side of Hollywood, and packed with the movie and film industry, Studio City is filled with people who want just outside of Hollywood–but close proximity to still be a part of the action.  But under that ‘buzz’ is still a much needed respite from the city.  Picture tree-lined streets and people riding their bikes down quiet neighborhood streets.  Picture hillsides that lend a view. All just a stone’s throw to the other side of the hill.

Neighborhoods of Interest

Beeman Park neighborhood
Colfax Meadows
Footbridge neighborhood
Longridge Estates
Silver Triangle
South of the Blvd / Studio City Hills
Studio City Flats / North of the Blvd
The Dona Streets
Tujunga Village

Tarzana, California

Most people hear the name Tarzana and instantly think of the man swinging through the vines.  The correlation is not unfounded: the mostly residential neighborhood was once owned by Tarzan author  Edgar Rice Burroughs and named after the famous book. Nestled between Topanga State Park, Encino, Reseda, and Woodland Hills, the neighborhood is known for being a sleepy home–not in the middle of the bustle, not too far away from it either. With just shy of 9 square miles, Tarzana finds itself diverse.  From Melody Acres–a still rural horse friendly neighborhood–to the single family pool homes hidden in the Tarzana Hills with their incredible views, almost everyone can find something for them to love and explore.

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Neighborhoods of Interest

Braemar Country Club Estates
Melody Acres
Monte Verde
Mulholland Park
South of the Blvd / Tarzana Hills
Summerhawk Ridge
Tarzana Condos & Tarzana Townhomes
Tarzana Flats / North of the BlvdItem

Woodland Hills, California

On the southwestern corner of the San Fernando Valley lies the city of Woodland Hills. The area quickly garnering a reputation as a family-friendly city, yet it has a lot to offer for inhabitants at any stage in life. It is nestled between the Santa Monica Mountains and to 101 freeway. Most people recognize it for the slower paced, quiet lifestyle, fantastic shopping, and an enthusiastic city council that sponsors many local events.  What might be lesser known is that it is a city chock full Native American history and boasts one of the highest per capita military veteran populations in the county.

Neighborhoods of Interest

Carlton Terrace
College Acres
South of the Blvd
Walnut Acres
Warner Park