Market Update Week Ending 4/7/17

Well...this is not going to be the most exciting Market Update blog you will read. But, we all know things just can't just continuously stay on the rise. So here's a little dip in the market that should just be a "thing of the past" shortly. Job gains [...]

Market Update Week Ending 3/17/17

All eyes on the Federal Reserve!! Check out what all the commotion is about in today's Market Update blog! Federal Reserve raises benchmark rates -   The Federal Reserve announced Thursday that they  had increased their benchmark interest rates. The 1/4% increase was the second increase in less than [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 2/17/17

Home sales are off to a great start! January stats are in and it looks like 2017 is looking good! Are you considering selling or buying a home in the San Fernando Valley this year? Keep up to date with the market in my weekly Market Update blogs! [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 2/10/17

This week's Market Update is quite interesting! California Association of Realtors says that 30% - 40% of all households could afford to purchase a median priced home. What do you think of those stats? Where do you think you fall in these numbers? Read on for more info [...]

Cash does NOT Equate a Perfect Sale

Let's face it: money makes the world go round and cash talks.  Walk into any negotiation with a wad full of Benjamins and you'll instantly have more buying power.  But while cash might resolve some problems, it doesn't make it perfect.  There is still a process that takes place. [...]

Sellers: Social Media is Important

As an agent, it’s no big surprise that one of the many hats I wear when working with sellers is to be Chief of Marketing.  It’s what we build listing presentations around and discuss to exhaustion: what we will do to sell your home.  How we will do it.  [...]

Infographic: It Pays to Use a REALTOR, Sellers!

There is a portion of home owners out there who believe the best way to sell their home is by for sale by owner.  But is it REALLY the best use of money and time? My position is as a REALTOR, I'm here to guide you. To give you [...]

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