The Biggest Mistake Sellers Make

A common question that comes up when sellers are thinking of selling their home is, "What mistakes should I avoid?"  Well, without a doubt, here is the #1 mistake people tend to make when selling their house. Watch now and make sure you don't do it too.

Neighborhood of the Day: Sherman Oaks

Are you relocating to the area?  Sometimes it's hard to get a feel for a neighborhood from the internet.  So here at CRRE, we're starting a new 'thing' - a little walking tour if you will of local areas.  And first up?  Sherman Oaks!  Centrally located right at the [...]

How Do I Protect My Deposit? (An Explanation of Contingencies)

So you've found "The One" and you're ready to put in an offer. But what if you change your mind? What if something comes up and you want to cancel the contract? What if you are selling your home and it seems to be dragging on too long?  Whether [...]

What are the Hidden Costs When Buying a Home?

Many home buyers know that they need to be prepared to pay a down payment... but how aware are they of other costs that come up while purchasing a home? Extra costs can end up costing up to 3% more towards closing. Today we discuss and prepare for the [...]

Should I Sell My Home Before Buying a New One?

Buyers have a lot of great questions, and one that tends to be repeated often is, "Should I sell my home before I buy a new one?"  It's a great question because the best order to proceed so that the client can both maximize their sale and give them the [...]

2017 CA Housing Forecast

The California Association of Realtors has released their 2017 California Housing Market Forecast and the numbers are exciting!  CAR expects to still see 2017 increase further.  For how much more appreciation CAR expects to see, check out my most recent Getting Real in the SFV segment breaking down all [...]

Market Update: Week Ending 12/9/16

As 2016 comes to an end, Mortgage rates are still continuing to rise. Read further to find out which other record highs are in this week's market update. DOW, S&P, and NASDAQ all close week at record highs - Stocks continued to rally with major indexes up over [...]

Part Two: Should I Buy a Home During the Holidays?

Last week's Getting Real in the SFV discussed whether it was a good time or not to sell a home during the holidays. But buyers might be thinking... "Should I buy a home now?" Here's four things buyers in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley might want to [...]

Should I Wait Until Spring to Sell My Home?

A common question prospective sellers around the San Fernando Valley might be thinking during this time of year is... "Should I sell my home during the holidays?" And I'm here to give a resounding yes. There are many great reasons on why you should sell your home during this [...]

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