Market Update | Week Ending 08/12/2017

Stats are in for the second week of August and it seems many sections of the market are dropping down. There are a few interesting stats about the home affordability and prices of houses in California… continue reading today’s Market Update blog for more! Stocks drop this week - [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 08/05/2017

July reports regarding the unemployment rate are favorable since the rates have dropped while the hourly wages have grew when compared to the same period last year. Read what else has been happening on the market last week: 209,000 new jobs added in July - Figures released from The [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 07/29/2017

Check out what has been happening on the market for the past week in the latest market update: Stock markets mixed this week - The Dow was up as corporate earnings of DOW companies are beating expectations. The Nasdaq and S&P were unchanged. The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 07/22/2017

Records are being made this year as foreigners are buying 34% more US properties compared to last year's property buyings. With this, the existing home sales and prices went up in June as the California Association of Realtors announced. To read further into detail about which country's residents are [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 07/15/2017

Last week's market update is here to offer you some financial tidbits on what has been happening as the stock markets have hit record highs even up to 15.3%. And even though mortgage rates follow treasury bond yields, they were higher this past week, while the latter ones have [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 07/08/2017

Hiring rates on a high level again in June, although not as high as in May, employers did add additional 222,000 jobs making the rates climb up to 4,4% of unemployment. Speaking of highs, stocks and bond yields also got higher along with mortgage rates going up to 3.96%, [...]

Market Update | June 2017

With the beginning of July it's time to look back on June's mixed stock markets, while treasury Bond yields and mortgage rates ended the month lower. On the other hand, compared to April, existing home sales increased again in May and with 138,000 new jobs in May we are on [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 06/24/2017

Mortgage rates remain at lowest levels of the year and they usually follow treasury bond yields so you need to watch the bond yields carefully. On the other hand, stocks seem to have stabilized since there hadn't been any changes in the past couple of weeks. Read more below: Stocks [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 06/17/2017

Stocks were a little bit mixed and all over the place this week but today's update brings some great news this week: The unemployment development department reported a drop in unemployment rates in the state of California for the month of May, and the LA County fared even better. [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 06/10/2017

The Economic update for the week ending on 06/10/2017 is here. Bond yields are on the raise from 2.15% to 2.21% last week, but the mortgage rates a bit down. Decreasing from  3.94% to 3.89% were the 30-year fixed mortgage rates and the 15 year fixed one was down [...]

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