Should I Wait Until Spring to Sell My Home?

A common question prospective sellers around the San Fernando Valley might be thinking during this time of year is... "Should I sell my home during the holidays?" And I'm here to give a resounding yes. There are many great reasons on why you should sell your home during this [...]

Cash does NOT Equate a Perfect Sale

Let's face it: money makes the world go round and cash talks.  Walk into any negotiation with a wad full of Benjamins and you'll instantly have more buying power.  But while cash might resolve some problems, it doesn't make it perfect.  There is still a process that takes place. [...]

Advantages to Buying and Selling During the Holidays

As the holidays are fast approaching many of you might be considering to either hold off on shopping for a new home or pulling your house off the market until the “busy season” sometime in the spring. Just yesterday I was explaining to sellers all the reasons they should [...]

Road Trip!

With my family coming to visit this past week--And Hubby's family arriving this coming week--it has made me a tad reminiscent of trips of past. You know, the days where you'd play "the alphabet game" from the back seat between bathroom breaks at the highway pit stops?  My parents [...]

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