Infographic: Moving With Kids

The process of selling your own home and buying a new one can be complicated, but if your have children who are under 18 then it definitely cannot be taken lightly. And if at that point of your life you are actually expecting a baby, here are tips you [...]

Tips Relocating To A New Area

Today's vlog is all about the most important things to do when relocating to a new area. Watch the video to find out how to decide if the area you are about to live is the right one for you and avoid making some common mistakes.

Should I Wait Until Spring to Sell My Home?

A common question prospective sellers around the San Fernando Valley might be thinking during this time of year is... "Should I sell my home during the holidays?" And I'm here to give a resounding yes. There are many great reasons on why you should sell your home during this [...]

Cash does NOT Equate a Perfect Sale

Let's face it: money makes the world go round and cash talks.  Walk into any negotiation with a wad full of Benjamins and you'll instantly have more buying power.  But while cash might resolve some problems, it doesn't make it perfect.  There is still a process that takes place. [...]

Advantages to Buying and Selling During the Holidays

As the holidays are fast approaching many of you might be considering to either hold off on shopping for a new home or pulling your house off the market until the “busy season” sometime in the spring. Just yesterday I was explaining to sellers all the reasons they should [...]

Road Trip!

With my family coming to visit this past week--And Hubby's family arriving this coming week--it has made me a tad reminiscent of trips of past. You know, the days where you'd play "the alphabet game" from the back seat between bathroom breaks at the highway pit stops?  My parents [...]

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