Infographic: STOP, THIEF!

Keep thieves away! It's a terrible feeling when someone enters your home and helps themselves to items and property you cherish. Whether you are home, out for a few hours, or on vacation, these are great tips to help detour criminals from breaking into your home. You can never [...]

Infographic: Community vs Technology

The California Association of Realtors put out these really great infographics every few weeks relating to the housing market and relevant trends, and this one in particular stuck to me. According to CAR's survey, there is a growing correlation between the amounts of technology a person uses and whether [...]

Infographic: Buyers Social Media Use

I must admit...when I saw this data, I first broke out into some Bonnie Raitt's, "Something to Talk About".  Why? Because Social Media use to find a home is on a rise.  But just what are people using social media to talk about? The California Association of Realtors knows. [...]

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