Upcoming Events | January Part 1

The first month of the year starts with exciting events, family fun and lots of fitness activities to get back on track after the holidays. Check them out and stay tuned for part 2. Fri Jan 12th DTLA - Little Tokyo Branch Library organizes a fast Friday movie screening. [...]

Upcoming Events | December Part 3

San Fernando Valley, Encino and the rest of the Los Angeles area are full of events in the upcoming weekends. If you're still thinking where to go for NYE, worry no more, I got you covered! Check the events below and stay tuned for the Friday blog with more [...]

The Top 10 Christmas Light Displays In LA

It's December, and there's no fighting it: Christmas is here, even if the gifts have yet to be purchased, the season is here! As much as we love this season, it can get a bit hectic with all the planning, gifting, cooking and so on, which is why I’ve [...]

Places to Celebrate Hanukkah In Los Angeles in 2017

Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights this year will be celebrated December 12 through December 20. The holiday includes many traditions including menorah candle lighting, dreidel spinning and eating oil-based foods such as latkes or potato pancakes and sufganiyot or jelly doughnuts. Check out these events to celebrate Hanukkah [...]

Upcoming Events | December Part 2

With just several days until Christmas and NY's Eve celebrations, December holds an array of events for you to make the winter more pleasant. Whether you are in San Fernando Valley, Encino, Sherman Oaks or anywhere around Los Angeles, you have a list of places to go and things [...]

Upcoming Events | December Part 1

Fri Dec 1st CHATSWORTH: In Chatsworth Branch Library you can relax after the working week with a session of exercises as part of the Seated Strength Fridays. Meet friends and do some exercise in the comfortable confines of the library. Find more information here. PLAYA DEL RAY: Chinese Language [...]

Upcoming Events | November Part 2

Having fun so far this month? Let’s top that with some extra fun and activities around San Fernando Valley and the greater LA area. Take a scroll down and check out the upcoming events for the rest of November. Fri Nov 17th HOLLYWOOD: Theater in Hollywood: Tolstoy In Suffolk [...]

Veteran’s Day 2017 | Activities and Events in LA

Why Do We Celebrate Veteran’s Day? World War I – known at the time as “The Great War” - officially ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, in Paris, however, fighting ceased seven months earlier on November 11, 1918. For that reason, this day [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 11/04/2017

Economy hasn't looked so good as it does, in months. Jobs keep on being added which bring the unemployment rate down to 4.1% with wages growing 2.4% compared to last year's values. Interested about the stock market? Dig right in, we have the latest information along with the entire [...]

LA’s Best Places for a Bonfire This Year

Nothing says California more than having a bonfire on the beach while watching the sunset. True, lighting a bonfire is outlawed on several LA beaches, these 6 places span from north to south along the coast and all offer unique experiences, yours is only to enjoy! Cabrillo Beach - San Pedro Cabrillo [...]

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