Trick or Treat!  Happy Halloween!

Happy All Hallows Eve!  Tonight enjoy too much candy and not enough sleep as the goblins and ghouls come out to play.  And heed some tips from the CDC to make your trick or treating more of a treat and less of a trick. Going Trick or Treating Tonight? [...]

Disturbed: Are Some Halloween Decorations Too Much?

The New York Post, Gawker, and Gothamist have all profiled a particular home in Brooklyn recently whose gained notoriety for her Halloween decorations or mutilated dolls. And it brings up an interesting point: how far is too far? NY Post and Gothamist (mostly) took a very neutral stance, interviewing [...]

Syd’s Market Update | Week Ending 10/25/13

So how are the markets recouping from the recent government upheaval?  Here is Syd Leibovitch explaining all that's happened out there for the past week. Interest rates are back down and look like they will stay down at least until early next year. The reason for this is because [...]

House of the Day: 5715 Topanga Canyon #6, Woodland Hills 91367

I think that this this Woodland Grove townhome in Woodland Hills has more perks than I can even mention. I can attest that this home will make your friends jealous. I'm friends with the homeowners. And I'm most definitely jealous. Built in a community of only 50 homes, Woodland Grove [...]

Economic Update | Week Ending 10/18/13

With as much government change and speculation this past week as we've had--Syd's update on how the markets are doing couldn't come at a better time.  Here's what he had to say... This week was a dramatic one as the government waited until nearly the last possible moment to [...]

What Do Buyers Value?

You certainly know what you want in a home--but how does that stack up against what others want as well? This is a GREAT infographic for you sellers as well.  The next time you're contemplating that next remodel, keep in mind that these will be what your future buyers [...]

Upcoming Events | October

Looking for something fun today?  Maybe something spooky or a touch of history?  Well, look no further. Fri 10/11/13 Arcadia: Live theatre set in a real mausoleum in a real cemetery,  Wicked Lit 2013 presents classics such as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in a new and innovative way. Burbank: Join all four of [...]

Recipe of the Day: Ceviche

Summer come back! I know, I know, summer is over... and ceviche is one of my favorite summer dishes.  It's a taste of summer in my mouth.  But ceviche is so good that I can't help but have it no matter the time of year. It's also quite possibly [...]

The World According to Syd | Week Ending 10/04/13

With all eyes on our current political landscape and the government shutdown, Syd Leibovitch's breakdown of the economic update is that much more important to read.   We are four days into the government shutdown and Congress now has less than two weeks to raise the debt ceiling before [...]

What is a REALTOR and 5 Reasons we are Needed

The California Association of REALTORs did a survey recently on where buyers felt the were helped the most.  I should probably preface this by saying there is a difference between a real estate salesperson and a Realtor.  Anyone who can pass the state licensing exam can be an real [...]

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