Market Update | Week Ending 03/28/14

Ready for Syd's most recent installment on how the real estate, stock, and job markets are doing?  Well then read on, my friends...   L.A. County's unemployment rate in February fell to 8.7% (from 8.9% in January) with employers adding 27,700 jobs to their payrolls (they lost 63,000 jobs in January). A [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 03/21/14

This week's update is full of numbers and data as Rodeo Realty President Syd Leibovitch updates on many sources: from The Fed's most recent comments about bond buying to new construction growth and year over year sales statistics.  Enjoy! This week marked the first meeting of the Fed under [...]

Shake Rattle and Roll: Earthquake Tips

Earlier this week quite a few of us Valley folk--and Angelenos from all over--had the joy of mother nature gently reminding us she's still a force to be reckoned with.    For those in the Valley, we particularly felt the 4.7 earthquake whose epicenter was at Muholland and Sepulveda.  And [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 03/14/14

Ready for Syd Leibovitch's most recent market update?  Our Rodeo Realty President packed this one with goodies about how current political events affected markets, county unemployment rates, and what kind of inventory we're really seeing.  Great food for thought.   For the first time in nearly six years the [...]

Happy Pi Day!

Today is National Pi Day (3/14, 3.14…. get it?) and for all you math philes out there might be celebrating like we are in our house with…. a pie. Heck yeah pies.  I mean, honestly. Do we really need any better excuse than to have pie today?  And so… [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 03/07/14

March kicked off with lower interest rates this week, but don't take my word from it--hear it from Syd Leibovitch's weekly Market Update. The Labor Department reported that the nation added 175,000 jobs last month, a pace that beat economists’ predictions of 149,000 jobs added.  This number was down from the [...]

Upcoming Events | March 2014

Looking for something fun to do around or near the San Fernando Valley?  Look no further. Here's a few ideas of things to do and ways to spend your free time over the next few weeks. Friday 03/07/14 ALTADENA: Take your teens to the Altadena library for Fun & [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 2/28/14

Curious how the markets rounded out February?  Here's Rodeo Realty's President Syd Leibovitch's take on how the world's economy is doing. Stocks were up overall for the month but the cold and snow blanketing much of the country may be part of what is keeping a lid on a [...]

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