Market Update | Week Ending 01/23/15

Curious how the financial markets did last week?  Wondering how interest rates still are?  Syd Leibovitch has come to the rescue.  Here's your one stop shop to fill all those needs and satiate that appetite for knowledge. Stock markets up this week, yet still down for the month. – Markets [...]

Upcoming Events | Jan 2015 Part 2

Wanting something fun to do in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas?  If so, look no further!  Here's a few ideas on ways to keep yourself busy this weekend! Fri Jan 23rd DTLA-Help teach your child about nature at an early age.  Mommy, Me and the River will [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 01/16/15

I always love getting Syd Leibovitch's weekly updates on the economic markets.  It makes me feel so... informed.  Here's Syd's latest installment! Stock markets down for third straight week – Stocks had another volatile week with large daily swings. Retail holiday sales were up, yet below expectations. The World Bank [...]

House of the Day: 6157 Yarmouth Ave, Encino 91316

My dear friend (and broker) Ken Davis has had this fantastic little bungalow in Encino available.  Three words come into mind, and believe it or not they are not solely "location, location, location".  I'm thinking, "Clean, Potential and location."  C'mon, you know I couldn't skip that one altogether, [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 01/09/15

With interest rates as crazy low as they are, Syd Leibovitch's weekly breakdown is all the more interesting.  To satiate your financial market fix, check to see what he has to say.... Stock markets down for second straight week – Stocks began the week dropping sharply on fears of low [...]

Infographic: Buyer’s Social Media on the Rise

I know that I'm certainly not the only one out there checking my phone ever 10 minutes that it's beginning to look like a nervous tick.  Sometimes that's emails, or phone calls, or texts... but a lot of times: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine.  But it's for business purposes, [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 01/02/14

Happy New Year!  This might be a holiday week, but financial markets still moved.  Curious what happened at the end of 2014?  Here's Syd Leibovitch's breakdown for all you buffs... Stock markets down from last week, but post 6th consecutive year of gains! Longest streak since the mid 1990's – The Dow [...]

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