Market Update | Week Ending 08/28/15

Yet another crazy ride in the stock markets this week.  So what does the financial markets mean for our real estate trends?  Syd Leibovitch has this week's breakdown. Stocks finish week up slightly from last week's close - It was another wild week for the stock markets - Monday was [...]

Infographic: Customer Satisfaction is Key

As a Realtor, it's great to know where our potential clients are coming from.  Luckily for me, the California Association of Realtors took a lot of guess work out of it. It's no surprise to me that the top three ways a potential client chooses a real estate firm [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 08/21/15

Home sales are at a nine year high but stocks dropped sharply this week.  Does that mean it's safe to say we're over this 'bubble'?  To see what Syd Leibovitch thinks of how everything in our financial markets are doing, read on. Stocks down sharply this week - DOW [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 08/14/15

Syd Leibovitch's weekly financial market update says that for the second quarter this year, mortgages are more expensive than rent.  How exciting!  For more information, read on my friends...   Stocks slightly above last week's levels - Stocks dropped early in the week as China allowed its currency to devalue. [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 08/07/15

Curious how things are trending this summer in our economic markets?  Here's Syd to show you the way! Stocks have losing week - Stock markets dropped in every session this week marking 7 straight days of losses. Key reasons for stocks dropping this week were:  Oil prices dropped further hitting [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 07/31/15

Curious how things have been going following yet another Greek bailout?  Well, lucky for you Syd Leibovitch has compiled all the day and sent it my way.  Here's another great weekly update to keep you 'in the know'. Stocks up slightly for the month, even after dropping in almost [...]

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