Market Update | Week Ending 09/25/15

So where are sales prices and stock markets? Syd Leibovitch has the breakdown on the low down from this week's financial activities. Stocks rally on Friday to end the week just slightly down - The stock markets have been volatile for the last six weeks mostly due to worries about [...]

Infographic: Negotiating the Deal

​So what all can your Realtor do for you?  The number one thing buyer's agree their Realtor can do is negotiate a deal.  But what other things can we do? ​This great infographic shows several wonderful things we as Realtors can do.  From finding the right house, to helping [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 09/18/15

An update in the current Federal Reserve saga.  Did they raise the rates? Syd Leibovitch, Rodeo Realty President, gives his weekly economic report with the answer. Stocks drop after Fed leaves rates unchanged - Stocks were up this week until the Federal Reserve left rates unchanged. Many investors feared a rate increase [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 09/11/15

To Raise or not to raise... that is the question.  Syd Leibovitch discusses not only what has happened this week in the economic markets, but also discusses the choices the Federal Reserve is facing this coming week on whether or not to raise rates. Will the Fed raise rates? [...]

Infographic: Tech-Smart Home Buyers

Do buyers consider them tech-smart?  I think that in the past I've been pretty vocal that buyers are getting more and more tech saavy.  And according to the California Association of Realtors, they're looking at specific things usually. So what do you think? Does technology make buyers smarter? I [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 09/04/15

Stocks are down... but so are interest rates.  For those of you interested in how things move and shake in the economic markets this week, Syd Leibovitch has the scoop in his weekly breakdown.   Economy adds 173,000 net new jobs in August- The Labor Department Reported that the economy added [...]

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