Upcoming Events | July 2016 Part 1

Happy Independence Day America!  Time to get out your best beach umbrellas, fire up the grill and get ready to watch some amazing fireworks.  July is the month that is the halfway point of our quickly moving year.  Take this time to reflect on what it means to be [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 06/24/16

With Brexit on everyone's mind and the topic around water coolers across the country, our good friend Syd Liebovitch is here to offer us up some financial tidbits.  The Market is still reeling from this new development across the pond, and the future for the UK looks unclear.  Mortgage [...]

Summer: The Season of The Salad

Our summer is back…..and with a vengeance.  With temperatures peaking at 115 degrees in and around the valley, the last thing you want to do is slave over a hot oven or spend too much time out at the grill.  What to eat?  Never fear, salads are here!  Here [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 06/17/16

While the temperature outside is steadily climbing, stocks look to have dropped this past week.  30-year fixed rates seem to be the rage this year while 15-year fixed was of less interest.  May looked to be a good month for an increase in the job market and the Federal [...]

Upcoming Events | June 2016 Part 2

It's about that time to honor that special man in your life that made it all possible: DADDY!  Check out the fun summer activities that abound in the City of Angeles!  There is a little something for everyone from festivals-O-Beer to festivals celebrating nature and its abundance.  Go out [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 06/10/16

This was quite the week for the Market; with the beginning of the week bringing some amazing gains, but they dropped by week's end.  Labor department reported good news with a job in the jobless rate by 4,000.  Oil prices are fluctuating and Mortgage rates are dropping.  See how [...]

Get your COOL on this summer!

​The end of the school year marks the kick off of summer.  With a few hot spells under our belts, we Angelenos will be seeking out some cool places to hang out.  Pool life is the norm in Southern California; crystal blue water, music in the background and kids [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 06/03/16

May was a whirlwind of financial gains and losses and a great deal of market change.  May showcased an increase in new jobs, stocks rising and more affordable options for people looking to buy a home and mortgage rates increasing slightly.  Our financial guru, Syd Leibovitch has a lot [...]

Upcoming Events | June 2016 Part 1

June is the first official month of Summer.  As we buckle down and prepare for the heat, let us take a few moments to get into the spirit with a few fun happenings in the area.  Festivals of food and cultural activities abound in this edition of Upcoming Events! [...]

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