The Best Places To Watch The 4th of July Fireworks Displays

The Independence Day isn’t complete without those traditionally loud and colorful fireworks that take our breath away each year. But have you decided where to go yet? If not, no worries, we got you covered! Here we picked the best places in LA to watch the 4th of July [...]

Upcoming Events | July Part 1

New month, new beginnings, June was fun with plenty of things to do, so now let’s make July even more interesting and enjoyable for every member of the family. Here’s the list of events you can attend to in the first two weeks of the month: Fri June 30th [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 06/24/2017

Mortgage rates remain at lowest levels of the year and they usually follow treasury bond yields so you need to watch the bond yields carefully. On the other hand, stocks seem to have stabilized since there hadn't been any changes in the past couple of weeks. Read more below: Stocks [...]

The Cleanest And Dirtiest Beaches Around LA

Summer days are here and kids are out of school, so what better way to cool down and have fun than visiting a nearby beach? Swimming, playing beach games or jogging for those who want to stay in shape while getting a golden tan is just a bonus, but [...]

California Watering Regulations 2017

Even since a state of drought has been reported in California, the LADWP has adopted several water conserving ordinances that can help preserve the precious potable water. Namely 80% of the water supplies in the state are imported which is why we all need to respect the water restrictions [...]

How Much Does A Buyers Agent Cost?

When buying a house people are looking to cut back on costs since they already have to spend a lot of money on their new home. This is why you need to know exactly how much you'll spend on a buyers agent so you can plan youe expenses accordingly. [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 06/17/2017

Stocks were a little bit mixed and all over the place this week but today's update brings some great news this week: The unemployment development department reported a drop in unemployment rates in the state of California for the month of May, and the LA County fared even better. [...]

Local Breweries Around LA

LA Craft Beer's popularity is on the rise lately and everyone is getting excited about visiting a local brewery and trying out different beers. But since there are so many new popping up these days, it can be a struggle to find a good one or to find any [...]

Upcoming Events | June Part 2

If you’ve had fun attending the events written in the previous blog about the upcoming happenings in the first part of June, here is the rest of the fun stuff to do in the next two remaining weeks of June for the area of San Fernando Valley and around.. [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 06/10/2017

The Economic update for the week ending on 06/10/2017 is here. Bond yields are on the raise from 2.15% to 2.21% last week, but the mortgage rates a bit down. Decreasing from  3.94% to 3.89% were the 30-year fixed mortgage rates and the 15 year fixed one was down [...]

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