Market Update | Week Ending 10/28/2017

Curious how stock market prices if risen or fallen? How about interest rates? Today's market update puts together all the financial market information from this past week to make it easy for you. Read along... Stocks markets close at record levels for 7th straight week - Stocks were higher again this [...]

11 Neighborhoods for The Best Trick Or Treat Experience

There are 3 reasons why LA is the best city for trick-or-treating. Our fabulous weather means no bulky coats obscure costumes. Being a gigantic city means lots of houses close together, and over-the-top special effects and decorations that will trick out many homes. So if your street doesn’t [...]

The Best Pumpkin Patches around LA

Looking to pick out the perfect pumpkin? You're in the right place. Things are changing every year as far as pumpkin picking goes which is why we’ve updated our list of places. So whether you're looking for a quaint patch where you can pick up your squash and go or [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 10/21/2017

Another strong stocks week as they continue to rise for the 6th week straight - reaching records highs. Bonds are also on the rise while the mortgage rates are stagnating. Wondering what all this means? Check out the weekly financial market update to help keep you ‘in the know’. [...]

Understanding Mello-Roos

Definition of Mello-Roos In the U.S., a form of financing that can be used by cities, counties and special districts (such as school districts) to finance major improvements and services within the particular district. Special taxes and bonds used for Mello-Roos financing can only be issued by counties or [...]

Upcoming Events | October Part 2

October started off with an array of events and happenings all around LA. As the month of the fallen leaves, you can still go and see the fall foliage in some of these places, and you can also check out the autumn traditions that will bring your family closer [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 10/14/2017

While we wait for the California Association of Realtors and The National Association of Realtors to  release the September sales figures, the numbers of the last week's report are here. It seams that except for the treasury bond, there are many raises of numbers like the stocks hitting record [...]

The Top 10 LA High Schools With The Highest College Enrolment

The number of students graduating from Los Angeles Unified School District schools is growing, however, not all those schools are getting their students to college after graduation. Last year’s statistics show that the Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies was the most successful comprehensive high school — 86% had [...]

FHA Appraisal Guidelines: The FHA Inspection Process

Understanding FHAs An FHA loan is a mortgage issued by federally qualified lenders and insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). FHA loans are designed for low-to-moderate income borrowers who are unable to make a large down payment. As of 2017, these loans allow the borrower to borrow up [...]

Tips Relocating To A New Area

Today's vlog is all about the most important things to do when relocating to a new area. Watch the video to find out how to decide if the area you are about to live is the right one for you and avoid making some common mistakes.

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