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In an area as large as Los Angeles, there are many places you can call home. But which one should you choose?

An article from Curbed LA offers “12 things to consider.” We’re going to look at nine.

  1. Get to know LA’s regions (Westside, Central LA, Northeast LA, San Fernando Valley, South LA, South Bay, the Verdugos, and the Eastside are the main ones).
  2. Learn about the neighborhoods and their distinct personalities and cultures. There are only about 472 of them, so start studying! For example, Santa Monica is an upscale-trendy beach city. Sherman Oaks is relaxed, family-friendly, and has lots of great shops and foodie-friendly restaurants. Creative types will like Los Felix for its eclectic vibe and Old Hollywood feel. Pasadena is lovely, laidback, and has great food (500 restaurants!). And, of course, there’s Hollywood – a mix of now and then, sunshine and dreams, tourist traps and homes in the Hills.
  3. Find an area close to where you work or will spend most of your time. LA traffic is legendary and for good reason. Save yourself the daily hassle and headache of driving to and from.
  4. Decide if you want to live near public transportation. For example, the Metro Rail & Busway connects to the San Fernando Valley, Central LA, San Gabriel Valley, Westside, DTLA, Eastside, Santa Monica, and South LA.
  5. If you’re into nature, choose if you want to live near the beach or trails. For the beach, Venice, Hermosa, Redondo, and Santa Monica. For the trails, Granada Hills, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Pacific Palisades, Hollywood Hills, and Chatsworth.
  6. Decide if living in a big-city area is for you … (if so, you’ve got plenty of choices).
  7. Or, if you prefer living at a slower pace (still plenty of choices!).
  8. If you love the heat, Woodland Hills has it.
  9. Find out which cities have rent control – such as LA, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood.

You also can take Curbed LA’s quiz, which will “divine the perfect LA neighborhood for your personality.”

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