This year saw yet another new phrase: Gray Thursday.  That’s right, Thanksgiving, which has been controversially becoming a new date to begin holiday shopping (and continuing to get the shaft, in my opinion) has now been given it’s own catchphrase.  But what I want to highlight is something more in line with the ideology of Thanksgiving to begin with: Giving Tuesday.

Now there’s Gray Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday.  The site I know this is a little late, but I wanted to highlight what a great resource this can be for those looking to give back this holiday season.

In it’s third year, Giving Tuesday was created to respond to Black Friday.  In my opinion, Giving Tuesday is a great conjunction with what Thanksgiving is all about, as Thanksgiving continues to take a backseat to all the holiday festivities this time of year.  Christmas decorations are being brought out before Halloween now.  Consumerism is clouding Thanksgiving’s original well wishes.  Giving Tuesday was created to highlight various charities and encouraging giving to worthy causes.  I want to reiterate though – Giving Tuesday does not solely mean financial contributions.  Give your time, your voice, or perform a good deed for someone in need.  Think of it as a “Pay it Forward” Movement.

So celebrate!  The ideology of Giving Tuesday is good for the entire season – or even the entire year.  Head over to for inspiration.  Use it as a resource to get ideas on nonprofits that need your help, then give throughout the year.  They could certainly use one more advocate on their side!

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