As the holidays are fast approaching many of you might be considering to either hold off on shopping for a new home or pulling your house off the market until the “busy season” sometime in the spring. Just yesterday I was explaining to sellers all the reasons they should still sell during the holiday season.  So needless to say, early this morning when I got an email from Dave Ramsay’s Real Estate Minute that laid out those same points I yelled “EXACTLY!” loud enough that it woke my husband up. I don’t know if he was AS happy I was but he saw our points and agreed.

Less Competition

You’re not the only person thinking of waiting to sell until next year.  Many sellers will hold off until the holidays are over, listing their home in the beginning of the year, or even waiting as long as spring. This is great for you: that means there’s less inventory for buyers to choose from during the holiday period–which equates to less competition from homes similar to yours.  A reduced inventory means more of the buyer pool will be able to notice your home.  Remember to stay memorable by having it show ready and priced right!


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Motivated Buyers

Just as committed sellers are the ones on the market during this busy time of year, the same applies to committed buyers as well.  Maybe they’re looking to purchase for tax benefits, or to start a new job.  Or maybe they’ve been searching for months and haven’t been able to find the right fit.  Whatever their reasons might be, if they are taking time out of their busy holiday schedule to shop for a new home, then they are serious about buying now.  Make it easy for them to see your home by being flexible with show times and contract terms to fit around their busy holiday calendars.

It Looks Great

Buying a home is an emotional process – and what better way to evoke an emotional reaction than to have your home ready for the holidays?   Make potential buyers visualize themselves celebrating with family and friends in years to come in your cozy and cheery home.  Just a word to the wise: keep decorations simple and tasteful as to enhance your home’s best features.  And don’t forget to take them down once the season is over.

And the same goes for buyers…

And for all the reasons above, the same rings true for buying in this season.  Buyers get the opportunity to feel out how their future home will feel with family and friends gathering round.  Their competition is less because there’s less buyers bidding for the same properties they are.  And believe me, after a summer of bidding wars, that is a breath of fresh air.  And the sellers are generally motivated.  If they are willing to have hordes of strangers coming through their home at varying hours, keeping it clean, and tidy, and having that “we don’t really LIVE here” look, then they generally are ready to sell.  So take advantage and keep looking through this time of year!  You might find The One!

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