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Put your kiddos in costumes and prepare for a unique Trick or Treat experience in the best LA neighborhoods in San Fernando Valley. From Pasadena to Downtown LA to Santa Monica and beyond, here are the most visited neighborhoods:

Toluca Lake

Toluca Lake is legendary for trick or treating. Literally. Urban folklore is that Bob Hope used to personally give out full sized bars at his home located here. Whatever the actual story, Toluca Lake has seized on the idea that they do Halloween best and the neighborhood is closed to traffic, filled with decked out lawns and homes (loads of people in the industry live here and love to show off their amazing prop and set design skills), and yes, there’s plenty of candy!

Silver Lake

The biggest Silver Lake Halloween street party takes place along Armstrong Ave. and the best part is, it’s closed to vehicle traffic so you can feel safe gathering that loot. If you prefer a less crowded walk, head to North Coronado St. between Sunset Blvd. and Scott Ave. There are several houses that go all out with full Halloween theatrics, yard haunts and special effects. And the rest of the neighbors love to dress up and greet the trick or treaters. Note: parking is tight up in the hills, so park on Sunset and walk up.

Studio City

This modest neighborhood, just west of Laurel Canyon is the go-to spot for families living in the surrounding hills. It’s like one big block party with homes decorated to the hilt with pumpkins galore, haunted scenes and witches brews. Residents say that more than 700 little candy gobbling goblins routinely make there way down these streets, so it’s a lively and fun atmosphere. Begin your pilgrimage on Mound View and fan out to the surrounding streets. While you’re at it, keep your eyes peeled for the likes of Will Ferrell, who has been spotted in previous years ringing doorbells with his kids.

Angelino Heights
If you’ve got older kids who can handle hills and spooky mansions, Angelino Heights might be your Halloween destination. At 125 years old, it’s one of the oldest neighborhoods in LA—some call it the city’s first suburb—and the Victorian homes take very little effort to spook up. That’s not to say that the residents don’t put in effort, because they surely do. Following the streets between Sunset Blvd. and the Hollywood Freeway definitely leads to a memorable Halloween.

South Pasadena

Word on the street is you can’t go wrong anywhere in South Pasadena; just pick a street. South Pasadenans take tremendous pride in doing Halloween right, dressing up their hundred-year-old Craftsman homes to look far more haunted than stucco ever could. They also take pride in playing host to the original Halloween house (from the movie)—an honor they take so seriously that the place has been moved at least once to protect it from demolition. Streets like Mission, El Centro, Oxley, and Montrose hand out upwards of 800 pieces of candy over the course of the evening; most residents just stay on the porch to enjoy the parade.


Keep heading east along Riverside Drive, and just before the Equestrian Center in Burbank you’ll encounter another optimum spot for Halloween night. Below Riverside, where Mariposa meets Valley Heart, the homeowners get their spooks on with gusto annually. Plentiful treats accompany the spooky surroundings—a perfect recipe for an October evening.

Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Flats neighborhood—so called to distinguish it from the hills—is a prime spot to enjoy good treats and memorable decorations. The area is roughly defined by Sunset Boulevard on the north, Doheny on the east, Whittier on the west, and Santa Monica Blvd. to the south. And the most memorable doorbell to ring? That would be the Witch’s House at 516 N. Walden. There’s no question which one it is, as it’s clearly a witch’s house; the not-at-all-witchy owner hands out upwards of 500 treats per night.

Culver City

Culver City gives South Pasadena a run for its money, stucco houses and all. The homes in the neighborhood around Veterans Park and Culver High School go wild decorating, while the neighbors just across Ballona Creek, around Lindberg Park, would argue that they own Halloween. Either side of the creek, there is a whole lot of spookin’ and a whole lot of treatin’ going on.

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