Market Update | Ween Ending 03/10/2018 + Economic update for February

313,000 new jobs added in February - Wage growth moderates - The Department of Labor Statistics reported that U.S employers added 313,000 new jobs in February.  It was the economy's largest monthly gain in jobs since July 2016. This crushed analysts expectations of 203,000 new jobs. The unemployment rate [...]

The Positive Sides Of Homeownership

According to statistics, being a homeowner really does have its perks. A stable, less stressful life, better health and higher civic participation are just few of them. Read all about the benefits of owning your own home in today's infographic by the California Association of Realtors.

Upcoming Events | March Part 1

The spring brings not only warmer temperatures, but also plenty of fun activities to do around LA. Check them out below, and stay tuned for the part 2... Fri March 9th DTLA – All-Star Chef Classic: The All-Star Chef Classic (think the culinary world's Superbowl equivalent) is taking over Downtown's L.A. [...]


Who will be the big winner? I'm so excited to announce that now through April 20th, we will be running our first ever Raffle giveaway!  So what do you have to do to win?  Well, when was the last time you were chatting with a coworker, or hanging around [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 03/03/2018

Many changes in this week's economical update. Check out what's new and always stay on top of information. Stock markets drop sharply in the last week of February and first two days of March - Stock markets dropped in four out of five sessions in volatile trading this week. [...]

How to Make Your Home Baby-Safe While Still Pregnant

Making your home and environment baby-safe when the newborn comes is crucial for their proper and safe growth. Here are some things you can do to make sure everything around you is baby-friendly. I’m sure some of these you are aware of, staying away from alcohol, cigarettes, and any [...]

The Best Places to Eat on Ventura Blvd, LA

Being a large city as it is, Los Angeles covers a lot of places for all your favorite activities. I know food is certainly one of my favorite activities, so whether you're looking for a wine&dine place or for your ritual brunch with friends, this list covers it all. [...]

Market Update | Week Ending 02/24/2018

For those of you who follow each economic update closely, you known that I supply you with the latest pieces of information on how our market flows. This is another one of those, so read it through and always stay on top: Stocks close higher for the week - [...]

Local Antique Markets

Thanks to LA city's nearly year-round sunny weather, people enjoy being out, visiting all kinds of shops. So if you're out and about enjoying the sun, instead of your regular shopping experience and malls, why not visit a different kind of markets? More specifically antique and flea markets. They [...]

Upcoming Events | February Part 2

The short month of February is approaching the end, but it isn’t taking all the fun with it. The amusing events and activities for the entire family are here to stay, and I’m bringing you a great deal of them below: Fri Feb 23rd DTLA - Little Tokyo Branch [...]

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