ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been sweeping the nation.  I have been very vocal with making charitable causes a large focus on my business.  I feel that being a member of my community means doing anything I can to help and contribute to the greater needs.  So what [...]

Infographic: Water Crisis

California is amidst a water crisis.  Perhaps you've seen the bus ads about days to water your lawn.  Perhaps you've checked into low flow fixtures.  Many people have begun to ask questions and educate themselves on ways to help reduce their water footprint.  Recently the California Association of REALTORS [...]

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! A relatively new ‘holiday’, Earth Day has come a long way since it’s small start in 1970 and grown into quite a feat. NASA #globalselfie while I was in Burbank today. This year’s theme is ‘Green Cities’ with projects being sponsored around the world to [...]

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