The Top 10 LA High Schools With The Highest College Enrolment

The number of students graduating from Los Angeles Unified School District schools is growing, however, not all those schools are getting their students to college after graduation. Last year’s statistics show that the Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies was the most successful comprehensive high school — 86% had [...]

2017 CA Housing Forecast

The California Association of Realtors has released their 2017 California Housing Market Forecast and the numbers are exciting!  CAR expects to still see 2017 increase further.  For how much more appreciation CAR expects to see, check out my most recent Getting Real in the SFV segment breaking down all [...]

Market Update: Week Ending 12/16/16

2016 is wrapping up and it's crunch time for the end of the year stats. Here's what we found in this week's Market Update! Federal Reserve raises its key rate 1/4% - The Fed announced Wednesday that it was raising its Discount and Federal Funds rate by 1/4%. [...]

Economic update for the week ending 11/11/16

Stocks surge following election results - It was a bazar week for both stocks and bonds. If you recall, stocks fell sharply after The FBI director reopened the e mail investigation as investors began to fear uncertainty as Hillary Clinton's lead tightened. That week stocks dropped every day, [...]

Infographic: Buy or Stay?

CA Association of Realtors released a recent infographic: Buy or Stay?  And this had some really interesting information for prospective sellers. When it comes to buying a home, Xers, Boomers and Matures all plan to stay in their current home as long as possible, while Millennials plan to purchase their next or first home within the next 2-5 years. So why do I say that this is important for sellers to know?  Well… 81% of Millenials say they will be looking to move… and 30% say they will be moving in the next 2-5 years.  Which is a heckuva buyer pool.  So perhaps keeping in mind selling features that are targeted towards millenial buyers will gain extra attention to your home.  So tune in next week – or reach out to me here – for some tips to do that…. […]

Vote! Local Ballot Measures to Affect Housing

pic courtesy of Memphis CVB @ Flickr As you very well know by all the media, social media, and discussions happening about who’s voting for who…it’s election time! It’s often difficult to keep up with all the local measures that affect our communities. To help you [...]

Infographic: Buyer Roadblocks

Prospective home buyers face numerous challenges when it comes to achieving the American Dream of home ownership, but obstacles remain and often vary among ethnic groups. The #1 hurdle that people face when buying a home is saving for that down payment. It is always difficult to plan for the future when there are so many things weighing us down in the present. The second most hurdle faced by today’s buyers is the lack of inventory. So many people today are searching for that perfect home, but there is almost always competition and not enough homes to choose from. Access to credit and financing is also a battle. Today, so many factors play into credit and financing available to the average person. Do you have the perfect credit score? How much have you stacked in your bank account? How long have you resided in your residence? How long have you worked at your job? These all play a factor into your chances of getting that loan. And, finally, that personal debt that you have worked so hard to stay away from. No matter what you think  your challenges might be, with a strategic plan, strong determination, and a rockstar team, any barriers can be overcome.  There are a gazillion resources out there to help save, consolidate, and improve your financing future.  No matter the obstacle, give me a call and we can talk it through to set you up for success. […]

Market Update | Week Ending 09/30/16

September has ended and the market is on the move again.  Up, down and sideways; see where you stand with all the financial figures in this week’s Market Update! […]

Market Update | Week Ending 9/23/16

It's that time again!  Where is the market now and where is it headed?  Take a look at this week's Market Update to see what is going down in the financial world! Stocks rally as The Fed forgoes rate hike, but retreat on Friday - Stocks rose  this [...]

Infographic: Buyer Optimism at All-Time High

Here's a Throw back Thursday.  This infographic was actually from a few months ago, but I think that it's even stronger right now than then!  So how much faith do buyers have in the market at the moment? And what does that mean for Bonnie Buyer or Sally Seller? [...]

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