Infographic: Meet Me Outside

Exteriors tell plenty about a house and you cannot have a great interior without making your home's outdoors just as awesome. Check out the latest exterior trends of the season and enjoy your outdoor setting any time of the day. BONUS TIP: acquaint yourself with Interiorscapes and make your [...]

Infographic: Opting for the Outdoors

So let's say you are in the market buying your dream home and you have the option to choose more rooms - more square footage or a bigger yard around the house: What would your choice be? According to the California Association of Realtors, more than half of the [...]

7 Ways To Get Better Rates On Fire Insurance And Protect Your Home

Fire is the most common cause of property destruction. More than 1,000 home fires are reported on an average day. That’s one every 85 seconds! Home fires kill seven people per day. 1 out of every 310 households reports a fire each year. This is why mortgage lenders require [...]

Infographic: The Value of a Remodel

As we head into summer buying season, seller's inevitably begin to think of the projects they wanted to accomplish before putting their home on the market.  Or reversely, new buyers begin dreaming of what they'll do with their new digs.  So where do most people put their hard earned [...]

Infographic: No Project Left Undone

So now you've bought a new home.  What next?  Pinterest projects? The California Association of REALTORS checked in with homeowners after their purchase to see - how many really did get around to all those great remodeling ideas they had when shopping around?  And what was it that they [...]

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