Clark Gable Estates

Originally owned by Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences founder Raoul Walsh, Clark Gable and fiancé Carole Lombard were frequent visitors to the property.  Once Gable & Lombard heard Walsh was considering selling, they were able to convince him to sell the 20 acre farm to them for a sweet $50,000.  After his death some 40 years later, his then widow Kay Gable sold the property to a developer who broke the property up into half acre lots.  Now quite the prestigious enclave, all the streets are named after the King of Hollywood’s most famous movie –Gone with the Wind.  Since turnover can be few and far between, if you’re looking for a piece of movie history, be sure to jump at the chance when you can! They are “Too Hot To Handle”!

A Clark Gable Estates Average Home:

Average Bedrooms: 5 Bedrooms
Average Bathrooms: 6 Bathrooms
Average Square Footage: 5,674 Square Feet
Average Lot Size: 21,172 Square Feet
Average Sales Price: $2,676,500
Zip Code: 91436

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