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Trends and interior styles change with each upcoming year. Professional designers say trends are great for individuals to see what’s new out there in the world, explore different combinations and maybe discover things they didn’t even know existed.

Here I have few of the most popular trends that are leaving a mark on interior designing in 2018. So get inspired, and get ready for making some lovely, trendy changes to your home.

Curved Furnishings

For 2018, furniture with curves and saturated colors is what’s in. The tide is slowly starting to turn from rectangular sharp lines to an influx of softer edge and fabric and walls and furniture with a punch of pigment. Namely, hues like ochre, deep green, and burnt rose tones are popping up everywhere. Choose items that are shapely or circular, swiveling chairs, round cushions, and sloped mirrors. Arches, as a trend in general, are also appearing in both décor and architecture, as an opening to a room or an arched wall niche. The look is glamorous and a little unexpected, and it’s definitely finding its way into the world of design.

Authentic Pieces

At the beginning of the year, designers have foreseen a return to authentic pieces of both furniture and décor. So rather than grabbing something new, do a bit of digging online, at the flea market, or at your local architectural salvage place to see what they might have. There are so many good vintage, antique, and thrift-store pieces that will make your place look authentic and unique and represent your story only.

Colored Kitchens

While there will always be a place for a classic white kitchen, the white-on-white look has officially reached its saturation point. Designers say that in the past few years, the market has seen variations on the all-white look, such as adding different color islands, open shelving, and contrasting bottom cabinets, which has been refreshing, but designers and savvy homeowners are ready for a new take on the modern kitchen. After all, design is about evolution, and with kitchens, it started turning to the dark side.

Dark hues like black, dark gray, and navy, as well as natural woods,  are coming back strong, so feel free to bring in more striking, darker color into your kitchen this year.

Heavy Cabinetry

Further along the 2018 kitchen trends, lean towards a beautiful, heavily cabineted kitchen. Designers state that a renewed appreciation for cabinetry can be seen this year, and the colors it can be in are warm grays, blues, and creams, as well as wood grain tones, rather than stark-white kitchen cabinets.

Jewel Tones

Even though people reserve dark, cozy colors for fall and winter, 2018 is making these a year-round trend. The reason why is that these shades are said to be especially invigorating, and 2018 is all about eye-catching elements and décor. If you feel like you cannot transition all the way to these jewel colors immediately, consider the colors’ calmer cousins, especially in restful rooms like the bedroom. Lilac, for example, is a watered-down version of violet that’s so versatile, people are calling it the new millennial pink.

Woven Textures

If you’ve been using them already, baskets and other natural, artisan accessories should continue giving your home a bit of international flair this year too. If not, acquaint yourself with these natural accessories because designers foresee that they’ll be a big hit.


Wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection. In home design, this translates to handmade or hand-painted items including rough linens and pottery that result in a deeply personal, organic aesthetic.

At the end of the day, what looks best in your home and what feels best to your soul is what you should listen to.

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