Today is Earth Day! A relatively new ‘holiday’, Earth Day has come a long way since it’s small start in 1970 and grown into quite a feat.

PictureNASA #globalselfie while I was in Burbank today.

This year’s theme is ‘Green Cities’ with projects being sponsored around the world to bring awareness ways cities can be improved.  Things like city infrastructure could be transformed to be both more eco-friendly and sustainable.  It’s especially an interesting topic now that for the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities and urban areas.One of the noteworthy national events going on is NASA’s #GlobalSelfie.  NASA is encouraging all earthlings to take their picture noting their location on a sign, or natural products (sand? Rocks?) and send it in using the #GlobalSelfie tag.  NASA will be collecting all of these images and making them into a giant global image—and making a video as well—sometime in May.  For those looking to participate, or use NASA’s premade printable forms, check it out here.

Another national organization, The Smithsonian National Zoo, is also jumping in with their “endangered song” campaign to highlight the 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild.  A recording of the song, Sumatran Tiger, was recorded on only 400 records designed out of a polycarbonate that decomposes gradually.  It was then released to 400 artists, bloggers, conservationisits, and other social media influencers with the idea that the song can only be saved by digitizing and ‘breeding’ it via sharable files through social media links.  So start scouring the internet, friends, if you want to get a sighting (hearing?) of this rare beast before it becomes extinct.

Even companies like Apple is jumping into the Earth Day hoopla.  Apple announced that they are launching a campain offering free recycling of all it’s used products and that it will begin to power it’s stores, offices, and data centers with renewable energy in an effort to minimize it’s waste & pollution.

If none of these bigger programs excite you though, feel free to pledge to do something small or large in your own life. is taking pledges for the A Billion Acts of Green movement  try and get more people involved. I think as for myself, I will be pledging to eat a nice homecooked meal out of vegetables from our garden today. And I’m going to shut off the electricity a little earlier tonight and ‘unplug’ to conserve. What are you going to do?

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