As the end of summer rapidly approaches and all the big family vacations come to an end, it is time for families to make that one last summer push to squeeze out every last bit of fun.  Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your time!

Have your own mini sidewalk Art Show!

If HOAs and neighborhoods permit, get out the oversized chalk and have a sidewalk chalk art exhibit. This is a great way for you and the kids to have some creative fun together.

Seek and ye shall find.

How about a nice good old family scavenger hunt? The best thing about scavenger hunts is that they are easy to plan.  Get a general theme of your hunt (Pinterest is a great resource), make your list and it is happy hunting!

It is all fun and games…

Family game night is a long tradition that is not often carried on.  Bring back the togetherness with a fun and engaging game with your entire family.

When all else fails, improvise!

One of the best parts of summer is having an impromptu adventure.  With no set schedule or pressing engagements, you and the fam can try a new restaurant, check out a museum or even a trendy/popular tourist spot that you’ve had the chance to experience.

Go on a picnic.

No matter if it is at the beach, a park or even in your own backyard, a picnic is a great way to let the whole family enjoy the day.  Go one step further and prepare the meals together to get into the spirit!

Strike a pose, Darling!

Often family portraits are saved for Holiday time, but why not have a summer portrait?  What better way to capture the fun and spirit of the best summer ever than to have a snapshot of you and family living it up?

Waaaaater fiiiiight!

Water balloons, foam style water launchers and sponges are great ways to get your soak on.  Kids can have a blast giving mom and dad a soak down in their very own carnival-like water balloon toss.  If all fails, make your own ground waterslide or just do it the Old School way in the garden sprinkler!

Puzzled to find an activity?

Squelch the “I’m soooo boooored” cries with a fun and engaging puzzle.  Puzzles are a great way for young and older minds a-like to get much-needed strength building and problem-solving skills.  It is also a great way to start a dialog with your kids and understand where they are coming from.

Do some good out there.

Doing “Good” not only brings about positive changes in our community, but it brings it out in our self.  Helping a local charity by raising money with a yard sale or lemonade stand or donating time to a local charitable event is a great way to use up some summer energy.  A two-fold benefit: clean out your drawers to make room for the new school year and donate to a local mission…everyone benefits!

Get your S’more on.

Whether you use the old microwave in the cool AC, or have a California Fire Safe fire-pit in the backyard, making s’mores has been a time-honored summer tradition.  Make sure to have plenty of baby wipes handy and never forget the fire extinguisher.

Feel the rhythm

There are many parks and venues in and around the valley that have mini music festivals and outdoor concerts.  Pack a picnic or find out if they have good food trucks and rock on!

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