Coffee is the black gold of the decade and here we want to enhance the gold rush that has been going on for the past decade by showing you some of the most authentic places to get a fresh cup of goodness.

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

Besides pumping out steamy coffee drinks and cold-brew coffees in half a dozen locations all over LA, now they have the Alfred Tea Room. People love their totally instagrammable tea and coffee cups with the “But first, coffee” iconic sign. There are also some delights that match your drinks like the Yastie Boys bagels served in some of their locations.

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea

This well-known coffee shop has become synonymous with high-quality coffee and carefully crafted – if at times somewhat pretentious – beverages. What really catapults it to the top is its slow bar in its Venice shop on Abbot Kinney, which allows baristas to curate their own coffee and serve it for one week.

Civil Coffee

In their stylish café, in Highland Park, the baristas brew Coava and Heart coffee, including vegetarian avocado toast topped with shiitake “bacon,” and hearty grain bowls topped with all the Fixin’s, like spicy merguez, feta, and pepitas. The only thing missing is Wi-Fi, which is intentional: It’s to accommodate families… who apparently don’t like Wi-Fi?

Coffee Commissary

With its obligatory Instagram-friendly tile, this café serves all cups with foamy panache. Bonus: At its Burbank location of Coffee Commissary there is a full kitchen – you can find fried chicken sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and impressive house-baked goods on a daily basis.

LAMILL Coffee Boutique

This upscale coffee shop in Silver Lake offers decadent drink options and Californian style dishes. You can choose from their rich offer of coffee beans coming all over the world: Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Mexico. And if your sweet tooth kicks in while drinking the freshly brewed goodness, we recommend the brioche donuts with cream and jam among their best options.

Aroma Café

This coffee and tea place has been around for more than 20 years in Studio City and it offers relaxing garden patios or you can choose a more intimate escape to a fireplace setting in their reading room.  Except for coffees and teas, Aroma Café offers delicious dishes from their kitchen and fresh pastries from the bakery as well.

Tea Pop

The Tea Pop Café serves fresh-brewed organic tea, while the gallery offers art and design on the walls, furniture, and your very own beverage to engage all of your senses. Located in North Hollywood, this place is a must for art enthusiast and people who want to try different tea flavors from all around the world.

Romancing The Bean

In the heart of Magnolia Park, you can find this cozy Café place serving everything from organic coffee & tea, small bites, and mouth-watering desserts, to smoothies and juices along with healthy breakfast specials. For all of you who consider visiting this place, their Mexican Hot Chocolate cookies and their Paninis are a must!

Copa Vida

Situated in Pasadena, the multifaceted café has Superlative West Coast roasters only, used in their grinders and brewers, including single-origin selections from industry leaders like Ritual, Verve, and 49th Parallel. They also bake in-house, yielding a bread that helps to fuel sandwiches and plenty of coffee-friendly pastries – one of their true stars is the Monkey Bread, so make sure you give it a try when stopping by.

Dinosaur Café

Maybe (hopefully) there won’t be a T-rex waiting on you, but what we are sure you’ll find is an array of different coffee choices to keep you up for two days straight. The coffee shop is located in northwest Silver Lake at the corner of Sunset Blvd and Fountain Ave and you can visit it anytime you’d like since they also host little events from time to time in their bright, open space.


What can you expect from a coffee shop owned by a coffee scientist? A lot of mind-blowing signature brews for sure! Jack Benchakul applies exacting standards to his minimalist coffee bar in Chinatown’s Far East Plaza where you can watch the master at work behind the stainless steel Modbar. Pay him a visit and enjoy the super-strong iced lattes flavored with unique combos like palm-sugar whiskey and vanilla-pandan.

Menotti’s Coffee Stop

Menotti’s coffee stop in Venice is within a 3-minute walking distance from the Venice beach, offering a great view and even better caffeinated drinks. Their latte art is probably the city’s best — after all, the barista Christopher “nicely” Abel Alameda is a three-time winner of the Latte Art World Championship. And — shhh – Menotti’s also has a secret menu (with unique drinks like an espresso & tonic, and the “Love Potion #9” with raspberry syrup and chocolate ganache) hidden behind a photo of its founder on the counter.

Rubies And Diamonds

Rubies and Diamonds is a fashionable coffee bar in Hollywood’s Columbia Square complex, that promotes BKON vacuum processed RAIN technology for coffee and tea, and they have many nitro drinks, which you can order up as a cascading nitro flight with cold brew coffee and three teas: matcha, ginger ale green, and hibiscus.

Coffee Colab

This charming cafe nestled in the Fashion District in Downtown LA, decorated with stacks of chromatic hardcover books and vintage knickknacks has beans coming from Coffee Colab co-owner William Miyazaki’s Downtown-based Suits & Knives Coffee Roasters. Coffee talk: If cortados and lattes aren’t enough to get your buzz on, order the off-menu “Bruce Lee” for a one-inch punch of espresso, sweetened condensed milk, and whole milk.

Do you have a favorite spot we failed to include? Be sure to mention it in the comment section below and help fellow Angelinos explore new sides of coffee.

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