This is Chelsea’s cat, Scout. A kind vet from DR 4 PETS came to their home recently so Scout could pass on in the comfort of his home.

It’s a topic no one wants to talk about, let alone even think about – the death of a pet. That’s because we all know it’s inevitable.

When it’s time for one of our four-legged family members to cross the Rainbow Bridge, there’s nothing worse than “packing” your pet up in a carrier and driving through traffic in a distressed state (made even more distressed by your poor pet, who is scared and miserable). Well, maybe there is something worse. Taking your beloved friend into the veterinarian’s office waiting room amid the cacophony of enough animals to fit on Noah’s ark.

Tabby cat on a woman's lap. The lady's hand is up as the cat gives her a paw high-five.

The scenario is far from tranquil. But you do have another option. You can call an in-home or mobile vet.

Imagine how much better it would be to keep your best friend at home when you say good-bye. No stress, all comfort – not just for your dog or cat, but for you as well.

The veterinarian comes to your home and follows the same euthanasia procedures as in the office. You are offered the same choices for your pet’s remains (individual or communal cremation, remains returned to you or not).

Here are some of the San Fernando Valley options available:

If you have suffered the loss of a pet and are still struggling with your grief, here are some sites that we hope will help you. …………………

Man smiles and squints with his arms around his dog, as his black and white dog licks his face lovingly.

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