The California Association of Realtors reacently put out an infographic on what Millenials – our largest First Time Home Buyer category – looks for in their agent.  Any guesses? I’ll give you a hint: it’s in the title.

That’s right: responsiveness/communication is a big winner with our younger home buyer.  Next up: knowledge.  Both of which are a far cry from negotiation skills and agressiveness.

So what does this say to me? That customer service is key.  People want to not only be heard, but feel like they are in sync with their Realtor.  This says that if you know your stuff, and you can deliver it by keeping the lines of communication open, then you’ll likely be both recommended and used again and again.

​What I also want to point out is that aggression ranks low.   Millennials do NOT want to feel like their Realtor is a slimy used car salesman who will pressure them to do what they’re not ready to do.  They want a partner in their professional.

And why is this important to me? First off, I’m a millenial. I work with a lot of millenials and first time home buyers.  I want to be in touch with what my clients need and want from me.  I’m happy to hear that my solution based methods are more appreciated than the more aggressive approach because that fits my personality and style.

What do you think? Are there other things you look for in your agent?

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