I must admit…when I saw this data, I first broke out into some Bonnie Raitt’s, “Something to Talk About”.  Why? Because Social Media use to find a home is on a rise.  But just what are people using social media to talk about?

The California Association of Realtors knows.  After a recent survey, Buyer social media use is on the rise.  That – to me – is no big surprise.  As we as a society get more and more used to using social media, of course the number of people using it more fluently will rise.

But buyers are using it for EVERYTHING.  From getting referrals on Realtors and neighborhoods, to gathering information on their prospects, people are turning more and more to social media to gather their info.

I can personally attest: I’ve had several buyers come from Facebook. This morning I responded to a question off of the HomeSnap app.  And I’d be lying if I haven’t followed training tips from HGTV personalities on Twitter.  My local mommy Facebook groups also share houses in their neighborhoods that have just popped on, or why they are buying in their local community.  They ask for tips on rentals or where to find a good home inspector (or contractor, or plumber, or…).  And that’s just a sampling of the groups I’m involved in.

And this information is not only for buyers, my friends.  But sellers! Hey!  Blog (or have an agent like me with one) blog about your home! Share with your friends and groups the links to your house!  Tell your friends, family, and other locals all about what makes your home great.  That’s where the buyers are – and so that’s where the sellers should be as well.

How do you use social media when you think of buying or selling a home?

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