The California Association of Realtors put out these really great infographics every few weeks relating to the housing market and relevant trends, and this one in particular stuck to me. According to CAR’s survey, there is a growing correlation between the amounts of technology a person uses and whether or not that person feels like they know what’s going on with their community. The bigger the techie, the less of a sense of connection from the individual, statistically.
I must admit – I am a total techie. If I didn’t have my cell phone I don’t know what I’d do.  But I’ve had the opposite effect than this infographic. I’ve built relationships with people over Facebook groups for buy/swap/sell sites across the San Fernando Valley. I’ve found there’s just about a Meetup group for anyone – even people who speak Elvish.  There are sites like Nextdoor or Mommy Poppins LA or even that can help keep neighbors informed. So I suppose my point is: the information is out there. It comes down more to where people can find it and if it’s being used.A lot of things are going on around us.  Perhaps there’s a class (or a sport) available at the rec center you’d find interesting. Or a local park or library holding an event you’d like to attend. Or a school doing a fundraiser. And to keep in better touch with your neighbors digitally a great options is to check out the local Facebook pages and groups.  It’s why I blog about local events regularly at as well.

I still believe in the ‘old ways’ of getting unplugged as well. Saying hi to my neighbors in person and sharing word of mouth what’s going on. My fondest childhood memories are things we were involved in with our community services – and the greatest childhood memories I hope to build for the Littlest Assistant will be getting involved and giving back to our neighbors as well. I believe in an informed community. One that ties together to help each other, celebrate together, and mourn losses as one.

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