So.  You’re finally thinking of buying a home.  But where?  If your like most people, according to the recent survey done by the California Association of Realtors, then you aren’t going far.

Most renters who plan on buying plan on staying in their current county.  Interestingly enough, 14% only plan on staying in their same neighborhood.

I personally feel like the more local numbers could be skewed from the state as a whole.  For starters, I think that more people would say that they plan to stay in LA County.  In oher parts of the state – where an hour of traffic does not equal to 4 miles of movement – then perhaps crossing county lines is no big thang. Here in LA? Well, LA county is a big place.  And people tend to live as close as they can to where they need to be.  I can see where some might move further out to find a home within their budget, but I think that the numbers for ‘living in same county’ and ‘living in same neighborhood’ could be larger on a more local scale.

What do you think?  Do you plan on living where you live now? Or do you think you’ll move on elsewhere?

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