There is a portion of home owners out there who believe the best way to sell their home is by for sale by owner.  But is it REALLY the best use of money and time?

My position is as a REALTOR, I’m here to guide you. To give you the most amount of information you need in order to make a decision on what’s right for your family.  And so here’s the facts.  Fact is, people who sell using a Realtor make more money, in less time.  They have more access to strategic information (such as market details for pricing or expert opinions on what they might need to change), have more marketing available, and attract to a larger audience.  People who decide to sell on their own are still required to perform the same paperwork a licensed agent would–only they do not necessarily understand or know which documents are required.  If nationally the average is $46,000 less for an owner going out alone, that’s a 20% difference in price–which is WAY more lost than just a commission to a Realtor would be.  And something else that the infographic doesn’t mention?  Sometimes an outside perspective is necessary.  Homeowners are emotionally attached their homes–and therefore struggle to stay objective and critical.  Sometimes it’s necessary to have someone who is not connected to be able to see exactly what needs to be done and how much it can really go for in order to get it sold in the timing that is desired.

So I’m not saying you need to go with a Realtor.  I’m just saying the facts don’t lie.

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