​So what all can your Realtor do for you?  The number one thing buyer’s agree their Realtor can do is negotiate a deal.  But what other things can we do?
​This great infographic shows several wonderful things we as Realtors can do.  From finding the right house, to helping determine the best price in comparison to the market data, to negotiating it on the byer’s behalf, buyers agreed there’s quite a bit a Realtor can do.There’s a few more things though that we can help with than listed in the infographic.  So…. I thought I’d put add on a few extras that we can do.
-We can help sort out the priorities in order to focus the search.
-We can be a sounding board for some of the buyer’s thoughts and feelings on the purchasing.
-We can help put you in touch with lenders and other vendors to help move along the process.
-We can help introduce you to new neighborhoods and give you a tour around.

What do you think? Can you think of anything that I’m missing?

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