So now you’ve bought a new home.  What next?  Pinterest projects? The California Association of REALTORS checked in with homeowners after their purchase to see – how many really did get around to all those great remodeling ideas they had when shopping around?  And what was it that they worked on?

New purchasers were 25% more likely to make some sort of change to their new home.  20% – or 1 in 5 purchasers – took on a project after buying their home.  And where did they spend their money? Number one was a kitchen, then landscaping, then an addition, and next remodeling a bathroom.

I’m actually a little surprised by some of this. Not the kitchen part – that’s a given.  First thing clients always mention when buying a fixer home is the kitchen.  Kitchen. Kitchen. Kitchen.  I am a little surprised that an addition ranked higher than a bathroom.  Here, I think more interior remodeling is done and less expansions.  Don’t get me wrong, expansions happen all the time. I just didn’t realize it was more statistically.  And landscaping? That seems to me that if people do nothing else, they paint and they plant new plants. So yeah, even those not jumping into a giant remodel can get their hands dirty with the flowers.

What do you think? Did you tackle a big job when you bought your most recent home? Or do you plan on looking for a fixer to remodel when you do buy?

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