Buying a home is an emotional process – so it’s no surprise that people have an emotional response, such as a crush, on a home.    I know I’ve certainly had my share of house crushes!  But what sort of criteria do buyers report gravitating towards most in those crushes?  And how do they process that crush?

According to the infographic the California Association of REALTORS recently published, men and women have many of the same things they look for in their own real estate crushes.  The both find outdoor living important.  They both value open floor plans.  The both want curb appeal.  But women place more value on updates such as fixtures and appliances than men do – and men care more about the garage.

I can’t say I’m very surprised that outdoor living spaces top both lists.  Many people move to Southern California for the sole reason of our fantastic weather and ability to utilize the outdoors all year round.  While our lot sizes here in the San Fernando Valley might be smaller than other parts of the country, we value the way we use them.

I’ve had two crushes recently: one fully remodeled, and one that needs to be gutted.  The gut job had an AMAZING lot with a garden and mature trees.  It was the cutest little house with so much character.  And I loved the idea the of changing the floor plan and making it more functional.  The potential is what I dreamed about.  For the one newer construction home, it was all in the details.  The crown moldings and wainscotting.  The open floor plan.  The accordian doors that made indoor/outdoor parties possible.  So beautiful it was hard not to dream about!  Can you think of attributes your last house crush had?

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