California is amidst a water crisis.  Perhaps you’ve seen the bus ads about days to water your lawn.  Perhaps you’ve checked into low flow fixtures.  Many people have begun to ask questions and educate themselves on ways to help reduce their water footprint.  Recently the California Association of REALTORS released an infographic entitled “The Water Crisis” with locations that water is spent and ways to reduce the water people use.
Here in LA, it is a requirement to have low flush toilets prior to a sale as part of the retrofitting. As great of a start as that is, many people want to do more.  Not too long ago this was actually a topic of conversation in one of the local Facebook groups I’m in.  Ladies were asking what ways they too could help out.  One of the many great suggestions that came up was to keep a bucket in the bathrooms and kitchen.  Instead of letting water just run down the drain while letting it warm up, they would put it in the bucket instead and reuse that water in their gardens or to wash dishes.  What a great idea!

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