As the California Association of Realtors says, “Not all homes are equal, and don’t sell equally well either.”  Their latest infographic about what is selling – and what isn’t can be really useful for a homeowner ready to go on the market.  So what can a San Fernando Valley seller expect when listing their house?

It’s a fact: all homes will sell eventually.  But how you get to that sales date can vary based off several things: price, timing, and marketing in particular.  And now you’re thinking, “But Chelsea!  What about condition? What about location? We hear you say Location, Location, Location all the time!”  And yes – I do.  But all of those items determine the value – not the amount of time it takes to go off the market.  If the home is priced right, with a strong marketing campaign to highlight it’s value, with market conditions timed then homes will sell quickly.  But if one of those components is off, well, they don’t.

It’s harder to control the timing sometimes…. but we can control how we present it and at what value.  So what can we do to help your home shine?  We can price it competitively.  We can create a marketing campaign to get it in front of the most potential prospects.  It’s having that same campaign appeal to the emotional senses of a buyer so that once they see it, the home shines and becomes memorable.

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