Young buyers are often viewed and analyzed in order to find upcoming trends.  It has been noted, however, that millenials are entering the market at a lower rate than years past.  So – given that less are buying now, you would wonder if optimism between young buyers has waned.  The California Association of REALTORS recently polled young renters to see what their thoughts on purchasing are.
Not surprising to me, a whopping 89% of renters were optimistic about homeownership and said they were planning on buying a home at some point.  I say I’m not surprised because I think that there is something still to be said about the “American Dream” of homeownership.  My generation has grown up on the idea that owning a home is the best way of proving yourself somehow.  It’s an investment and a sign that you have established yourself.  Perhaps transitioned to adulthood, if you will.

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