Daytime skyline view of Los Angeles

Los Angeles city leaders recently voted 12-0 against Senate Bill 50. According to Curbed Los Angeles, “the City Council adopted a resolution opposing the bill, which seeks to allow apartment and condo buildings up to five stories tall near some bus stops and train stations, even in areas zoned strictly for single-family homes.”

Close-up of "City Hall" words

City council members said the bill wouldn’t do enough to protest current affordable housing or to encourage more of it.

Says Brian Schatz at MotherJones, “Everyone agrees that California is facing a housing crisis. Rents and home prices are soaring: The median home price in the San Francisco Bay Area is $830,000; in Los Angeles County it’s almost $600,000. Homelessness is increasing: Nearly a quarter of the nation’s homeless population lives in California. Low-income residents are being displaced by the wealthy: More than half of all home buyers in San Francisco last year work in the software industry. And there just isn’t enough housing to go around. “

SB 50 would increase the number of people who would be displaced. If the housing would only benefit the wealthy, what would happen to those with less? Likely, nothing good for the average community member.

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